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Welcome,  I’m Norm Shrewsbury.

Creating and selling fine art photographic prints has been my passion for over 40 years.


My numerous portfolios of both limited and open edition contemporary fine art prints are now available to purchase on-line. Fine art prints are available as either specific gallery sets comprised of approximately 10 images or as individual prints. The limited editions are hand printed on Epson giclee fine art print archival canvas or paper, signed and numbered.  The open editions are machine prints that are unsigned and unnumbered.

While many of the images are straight film converted to digital, or original digital files, most receive a treatment designed to reflect the experience I felt when viewing the original scene. The process is intended to blend the hard-edged contrast of Japanese woodblock prints, along with the delightfully darkened vignette and soft focus found in the large format prints of William Curtis, Mathew Brady, E O Beeman and William Henry Jackson. Next I apply a digital version of a traditional photographic effect of burning and dodging to highlight or subdue a section of the image simply to further enhance the natural light. This adjustment is meant to increase the three dimensional quality we possess with stereo vision but that is lost in the mono vision of traditional still photography.

This process results in a somewhat dream-like almost painterly effect.  I am, however, not trying to convert photographs to paintings.  Rather, I utilize the same freedom painters have to interpret a subject. It is still very important to retain the photographic detail of the original as it was shot and recorded in the camera.  I do not combine multiple images for effect or re-arrange the original to improve composition.

My recent work is inspired by 10 years of focused spiritual study and a recent one year pilgrimage to East Asia visiting India, Japan, China, and Nepal.  I chronicled this trip in a separate site and in a forth coming book, A Year at Lotus Lake, focused primarily on my time in Rewlsar India.

I have been fortunate to explore much of North and South America including Mexico, Belize, Brazil and Guatemala.  However, many of my favorite subjects, have been right here in these United States.  Utah and Arizona have contributed to a great majority of my images, as these are locations I have called home for the past 30 years.