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Norm Shrewsbury

Providing fine art photographic prints to collectors for over 25 years that combine a passion for Eastern Philosophy, quirky and dazzling sights  and interesting people. A former commercial photographer and movie cameraman based in Moab, Utah.

He has almost seen it all; from hanging actors over the side of cliffs to sell tacos, to filming off road Roller Blade fails, to kick boxing, vampire, sci-fi western B moves.

After receiving a BFA in photography he has continually been on the bleeding edge of media technology. Moving from film to digital and adding motion and sound editing to provide traditional and contemporary presentation solution for education and entertainment.

As a fine artist and a college professor in digital media technology, for over 25 years he has integrated  visual content into web site design, e-commerce, blogs, social media, and training.  He has somehow managed to mostly keep pace with the media changes and still sleep at night.